December Update!

In the last few days, a lot of things have happened/been announced and I just wanted to make sure we're all caught up on them because they're all REALLY exciting! So. Let's. Just. Go.

This is extremely rad. I've been seeing photos and videos of bands playing Reading & Leeds for the past few years now and just drooling over it. It always looks absolutely incredible so I can't wait to play for the first time. 

First thing's first... we're coming back to Europe! Last time we were there we only played a few shows on mainland Europe and the rest were mostly in the U.K. This time, we're playing a bunch of cities we haven't been to before, and a few new countries as well! I can't wait to come back to some of the places we only go to spend a brief amount of time in last year and explore some new cities as well. Tickets are on sale ->here<- now! VIP upgrades are also available there. Our London show is already sold out, it's going to be a special edition acoustic performance, BUT we're releasing a very small amount of additional tickets so head to our twitter @ATC_Band to watch out for those. 


Rocksound! This month's issue of Rocksound is loaded with ya girl. They have it available to order worldwide and for digital download so make sure to check it out! There's a new issue of my column with the beginning of my column's new look. 


That's that for now! Stay tuned for more by following me on ~twitter~


Short Hair, Don't (Yes I do) Care


So. I cut my hair. Whoa, right? I loooovee long hair. And live for it. I'm constantly trying to grow it longer and then one day, I didn't want it anymore. And I just cut it. Right away. I didn't think about it.

Have you ever done something like that? Where you suddenly made an impulsive decision that contradicts what you've always done, wanted or liked? It's actually... kind of nice. Maybe we need to get out of our comfort zones a little bit more. We settle so deeply into our habits and likes that we block out the possibility of anything new. 

I challenge you to do something different this week. No matter how small. Wear that outfit that you love the idea of but is outside of your comfort zone, put a little eyeliner on if you normally go without makeup or try a daring lip color. Whatever it is, just do something you normally wouldn't and don't think twice about it. Just do it and be open to the possibility that you'll actually like it a lot.

And then let me know what you did! Run free my little daredevils. 




Halloween Shoot

About a week ago I got to do an incredibly fun shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Andrew Lipovsky, for Kerrang! Magazine's Halloween edition. For this look, they wanted to do some form of skeletal face makeup, while keeping it somewhat glam and more my personality. Balancing the right look for this was a little difficult, I was really concerned with running too close to something that looked like a Dia de Muertos look because I know there has been a lot of conversation surrounding "sugar skulls" and cultural appropriation. So hopefully, that was achieved with this look. We made the mouth stitched up, almost doll like, and kept the rest fairly simple with just lots of glitter to keep up the glam. 

Halloween makeup can be insanely fun. You could not even need a costume at all with a cool FX makeup job. There's so many tutorials on YouTube and online now that can walk you through step by step if you're thinking of trying something out that's more makeup heavy this Halloween! I can't wait to see what you all dress up as! 




The Ultimate Vegan Burger

...can I just start by telling you guys how freaking excited I am about this one? Because this is a game changer. I don't really believe in vegan/vegetarian burgers as substitutes for the real thing. You can't hand me black beans and corn mushed up into a patty and tell me it'll scratch that itch for a real, classic hamburger... ya just can't! Does that mean I don't like black bean burgers? No of course not, I actually really do like them, but in my opinion they're just completely different. This. What I'm about to show not different at all. This is pure magic. And whether you're vegan, vegetarian, whatevertarian or just a straight up carnivore - chances are you're gonna like this burger. Because it's that good.

If you don't know much about Beyond Meat I suggest you check out their website ASAP ( because whether you're a carnivore or herbivore what they're doing as actually just plain cool. Basically the root of it is: they take pea and soy proteins and use heating, cooling and pressure to align the plant proteins into the same structures you'd find animal proteins. Because of this, their products actually end up resembling real meat because at the very core of their products they're structured the same way meat is! And aside from being absent of any animal at all, their products are also absent of GMOs, cholesterol, trans fats, dairy or gluten. Sign. Me. Up. And I know you're probably thinking "you're definitely getting paid to say all this" but I'm REALLY NOT! I discovered Beyond Meat's "Beyond Beef" when I was on Warped Tour because I actually found it at a bunch of Walmarts around the US and I used it to make tacos, wraps, salads, bolognese sauce  - you name it! So when I first caught a glimpse of their burger, I was like I NEED IT!!! So let me show you the most amazing vegan burger known to man...


So FIRST OFF - just look at the package! It LOOKS like what you get when you buy actual beef hamburgers at the store. Already so crazy. 

So you're telling me this is plant?! LOOK AT THIS THING! It looks and feels just like a raw beef patty would. Which is kind of creepy and disconcerting but is also fascinating because it's ALL plant protein. 

Alright cookin it up. The instructions say cook it over medium-high heat for 3 minutes on either side. I used a little olive oil in my pan to help get the edges a little crispy and cooked it basically until it looked like a done burger. Use your discretion. The instructions give you a minimum internal temp if you wanna whip out a thermometer and get fancy with it. But so far, still looks insanely like a beef burger to me. So cool!

And here is my finished burger! You can dress your burger however you like really, whether its classic american style with ketchup and lettuce and onion or whatever you like. I used a multigrain seeded bun that I toasted, guacamole, local organic baby arugula and SRIRACHA!!!! (Because I put sriracha on literally everything I eat). And let me tell you, this burger was SO GOOD. I had my very carnivorous boyfriend try a bite and he ended up eating my entire burger and thought it was awesome so even if you aren't vegan/veggie you can still love this burger too! It's awesome and so so good. I HIGHLY recommend at least trying it if you can get your hands on a pack! 

That's all for now!

Life Update

Hello there

So I know I've been absent for about a month now but what a crazy month it has been, lemme tell ya. I've been in Asia for a few weeks and now I'm currently in the UK and headed to mainland Europe in a few days. A bunch  has been going on, and I just wanted to fill you guys in while I finish up some other posts I'm working on!

So first tour. Tour has been ahhhmazing. Tomorrow we're playing a show at Shepherds Bush in London which is a 2000 capacity venue and will be our biggest headlining show ever. So I am absolutely buzzing and so excited. Prior to that we had an amazing time in Asia, despite a typhoon messing with our Taiwan shows and so far the European run of this tour has been incredible! There's only about a week and a half left until we get some time off before the US + Canada run! (PS if you want to come check out for tix!)

Secondly vegan - I'm going to post a separate update about that.

Thirdly - POKEMON GO! Ya girl got a Far Fetch'd in Asia (was really excited and screaming) AND a lapras. I was pumped.

Fourthly - school, I guess I'll do a separate post about this as well. But yeah I'm still doing it haven't failed yet!

Just wanted to make this quick bit to let you know that I am indeed alive. Couple posts comin your way soon!




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