The Ultimate Vegan Burger

...can I just start by telling you guys how freaking excited I am about this one? Because this is a game changer. I don't really believe in vegan/vegetarian burgers as substitutes for the real thing. You can't hand me black beans and corn mushed up into a patty and tell me it'll scratch that itch for a real, classic hamburger... ya just can't! Does that mean I don't like black bean burgers? No of course not, I actually really do like them, but in my opinion they're just completely different. This. What I'm about to show not different at all. This is pure magic. And whether you're vegan, vegetarian, whatevertarian or just a straight up carnivore - chances are you're gonna like this burger. Because it's that good.

If you don't know much about Beyond Meat I suggest you check out their website ASAP ( because whether you're a carnivore or herbivore what they're doing as actually just plain cool. Basically the root of it is: they take pea and soy proteins and use heating, cooling and pressure to align the plant proteins into the same structures you'd find animal proteins. Because of this, their products actually end up resembling real meat because at the very core of their products they're structured the same way meat is! And aside from being absent of any animal at all, their products are also absent of GMOs, cholesterol, trans fats, dairy or gluten. Sign. Me. Up. And I know you're probably thinking "you're definitely getting paid to say all this" but I'm REALLY NOT! I discovered Beyond Meat's "Beyond Beef" when I was on Warped Tour because I actually found it at a bunch of Walmarts around the US and I used it to make tacos, wraps, salads, bolognese sauce  - you name it! So when I first caught a glimpse of their burger, I was like I NEED IT!!! So let me show you the most amazing vegan burger known to man...


So FIRST OFF - just look at the package! It LOOKS like what you get when you buy actual beef hamburgers at the store. Already so crazy. 

So you're telling me this is plant?! LOOK AT THIS THING! It looks and feels just like a raw beef patty would. Which is kind of creepy and disconcerting but is also fascinating because it's ALL plant protein. 

Alright cookin it up. The instructions say cook it over medium-high heat for 3 minutes on either side. I used a little olive oil in my pan to help get the edges a little crispy and cooked it basically until it looked like a done burger. Use your discretion. The instructions give you a minimum internal temp if you wanna whip out a thermometer and get fancy with it. But so far, still looks insanely like a beef burger to me. So cool!

And here is my finished burger! You can dress your burger however you like really, whether its classic american style with ketchup and lettuce and onion or whatever you like. I used a multigrain seeded bun that I toasted, guacamole, local organic baby arugula and SRIRACHA!!!! (Because I put sriracha on literally everything I eat). And let me tell you, this burger was SO GOOD. I had my very carnivorous boyfriend try a bite and he ended up eating my entire burger and thought it was awesome so even if you aren't vegan/veggie you can still love this burger too! It's awesome and so so good. I HIGHLY recommend at least trying it if you can get your hands on a pack! 

That's all for now!

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