Short Hair, Don't (Yes I do) Care


So. I cut my hair. Whoa, right? I loooovee long hair. And live for it. I'm constantly trying to grow it longer and then one day, I didn't want it anymore. And I just cut it. Right away. I didn't think about it.

Have you ever done something like that? Where you suddenly made an impulsive decision that contradicts what you've always done, wanted or liked? It's actually... kind of nice. Maybe we need to get out of our comfort zones a little bit more. We settle so deeply into our habits and likes that we block out the possibility of anything new. 

I challenge you to do something different this week. No matter how small. Wear that outfit that you love the idea of but is outside of your comfort zone, put a little eyeliner on if you normally go without makeup or try a daring lip color. Whatever it is, just do something you normally wouldn't and don't think twice about it. Just do it and be open to the possibility that you'll actually like it a lot.

And then let me know what you did! Run free my little daredevils. 




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