December Update!

In the last few days, a lot of things have happened/been announced and I just wanted to make sure we're all caught up on them because they're all REALLY exciting! So. Let's. Just. Go.

This is extremely rad. I've been seeing photos and videos of bands playing Reading & Leeds for the past few years now and just drooling over it. It always looks absolutely incredible so I can't wait to play for the first time. 

First thing's first... we're coming back to Europe! Last time we were there we only played a few shows on mainland Europe and the rest were mostly in the U.K. This time, we're playing a bunch of cities we haven't been to before, and a few new countries as well! I can't wait to come back to some of the places we only go to spend a brief amount of time in last year and explore some new cities as well. Tickets are on sale ->here<- now! VIP upgrades are also available there. Our London show is already sold out, it's going to be a special edition acoustic performance, BUT we're releasing a very small amount of additional tickets so head to our twitter @ATC_Band to watch out for those. 


Rocksound! This month's issue of Rocksound is loaded with ya girl. They have it available to order worldwide and for digital download so make sure to check it out! There's a new issue of my column with the beginning of my column's new look. 


That's that for now! Stay tuned for more by following me on ~twitter~


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