Violet Highlight

Throughout the summer I've been wearing this super cool {in my humble opinion} violet-y highlight in addition to my normal makeup routine. I've gotten tons of compliments on it and questions about how I did it. So -  I made a video. But first for those of you who like seeing things in text as well I decided to do a quick little post on the simple steps to achieving this ethereal look.

For this look you will need 3 things:

  1. A fluffy (the fluffier the better) eyeshadow blending brush (think: mac 217) 
  2. Makeup Forever Diamond Powder in a mystery shade that I can't seem to find online but will venture to a store in the next few days to discover the # of the shade - but if you find the seemingly white glitter with the blue undertones, you've got it.
  3. Makeup Forever Mist & Fix or your favorite setting spray. This one works great for glitter and keeps it on your face all day long.

So ready for the complicated part now? Ok. Here We go. Step one: spray your brush with your setting spray. Step two: dip brush into glitter. Step three: apply to cheekbone. 

Seriously it's that easy. You really can't mess it up. Even if you get glitter everywhere...who would't want glitter anywhere? You can't go wrong.


Until next time,

XO Chrissy

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