Halloween Shoot

About a week ago I got to do an incredibly fun shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Andrew Lipovsky, for Kerrang! Magazine's Halloween edition. For this look, they wanted to do some form of skeletal face makeup, while keeping it somewhat glam and more my personality. Balancing the right look for this was a little difficult, I was really concerned with running too close to something that looked like a Dia de Muertos look because I know there has been a lot of conversation surrounding "sugar skulls" and cultural appropriation. So hopefully, that was achieved with this look. We made the mouth stitched up, almost doll like, and kept the rest fairly simple with just lots of glitter to keep up the glam. 

Halloween makeup can be insanely fun. You could not even need a costume at all with a cool FX makeup job. There's so many tutorials on YouTube and online now that can walk you through step by step if you're thinking of trying something out that's more makeup heavy this Halloween! I can't wait to see what you all dress up as! 




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